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Diagnostic support to prevent limb loss!

Decision support and specialized knowledge sharing for the proper care of chronic wounds.
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Seal Number-Based Registration

The use of the medical interface is entirely free, but registration is tied to a verified seal number! After providing your seal number, you can request a registration code, which grants you access to the medical interface.

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Diagnostic Analysis

The MEROVA Limb Diagnostic platform provides in-depth insights into the MEROVA method for medical professionals. This enables the preservation of limbs for patients with diabetes and venous circulatory diseases, preventing amputation. Our platform offers a step-by-step plan that effectively aids in accurate diagnosis, symptom management, and patient education.

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Prescription Aid Tool

On our platform, in addition to product recommendations, you can view a detailed prescription aid tool broken down by wound phases for the necessary medication, and other therapeutic recommendations. Alongside individual product prescription instructions, we also assist in medical decision-making by suggesting product combinations.

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Case studies, therapeutic recommendations

You can find a wide range of vascular surgery case studies on our platform, which you can access and apply in your own practice any time. This is particularly valuable when it comes to treating conditions like diabetic foot syndrome or chronic wounds. Sharing this knowledge and experience can help you provide effective and high-quality care to your patients.

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Training programs, professional conferences

We share information about current professional conferences, accredited training programs, and their details on our platform. We are also planning to integrate a credit-point-based education system into our platform in the future.

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Interested in joining our professional directory?

Our directory allows filtering based on name, location, and type of service provided. It's accessible to anyone, whether patients or other healthcare providers looking to refer patients to the right specialist. If you'd like to be listed in our directory, please get in touch with us!

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