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Assess the condition of your limb with our free diagnostic interface, gain effective professional support, and avoid irreversible consequences!
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The main features of MEROVA Foot Diagnostics

With the use of our diagnostic interface, you can easily assess the condition of your foot, actively contribute to the healing of complications, and thereby avoid irreversible consequences like amputation. The MEROVA Foot Diagnostic platform aims to assist you in your daily life with various functions, such as:

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Condition assessment

The use of the web application begins with a condition assessment, after which, based on the answers received, the diagnosis of your limb is prepared.

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Support in the healing process

We assist in everyday life, regular care, and the completion of other healing-promoting tasks with recommendations and reminders.

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Product Overview

We introduce You to a range of trusted care and supplemental therapy products tailored to your condition for more effective healing.

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How can MEROVA Foot Diagnostics help?

Digital limb condition assessment for patients and doctors.

With our foot diagnostic platform, we aim to simplify the lives of patients and their families, as well as the work of medical professionals and healthcare workers.

* The use of the MEROVA Foot Diagnostic platform does not replace medical treatment; it only provides supplementary advice and facilitates living with diabetes. In the case of diabetes, always seek medical assistance and follow your doctor's instructions!

Complications of diabetes, without proper treatment, can even lead to amputation!

Wounds in diabetic individuals heal more slowly, in severe cases may not heal at all. This is why even a minor accident can lead to what is known as diabetic foot syndrome, one of the most severe complications of diabetes. Without proper, expert treatment, amputation often becomes the only solution for diabetic foot issues. Unfortunately, Hungary leads Europe in the number of amputations attributed to diabetes.

However, by adhering to the MEROVA method and utilizing our diagnostic platform, amputation can be avoided!

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The MEROVA method has saved thousands of limbs from amputation

It is based on 30 years of clinical practice and includes a step-by-step plan that allows for the rescue of limbs endangered by complications of diabetes and other diseases.

In addition to assisting the work of doctors, our application places a huge emphasis on patient education, which is a fundamental requirement for long-term success.

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Providing assistance to our medical colleagues

The MEROVA medical platform provides our doctor colleagues with detailed insights into the MEROVA method, allowing for the prevention of amputations of limbs in diabetic and venous circulatory disease patients. Our platform offers a step-by-step plan that efficiently aids in establishing more accurate diagnoses, symptom management, and patient education.

Access to the medical interface requires a prior registration code request, which is linked to your identification number.

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