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Who is the MEROVA diabetes management platform designed for?

According to the 2021 survey by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there are 537 million people with diabetes worldwide, and nearly the same number are affected by prediabetes. With the MEROVA health platform, we aim to provide assistance in prevention and management, in establishing the right lifestyle, and across the full spectrum of diabetes, including prediabetes and insulin resistance.

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For those with complications, it's important to track changes and maintain documentation. After logging in, you can access details of your treatments and home tasks. Our diagnostics helps with at-home condition assessment, while logging aids in monitoring the changes in your condition.

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In the case of diabetic individuals, even a minor injury can lead to serious complications because their wounds heal slowly or not at all. Therefore, choose a healthcare provider who is familiar with these special needs and can provide appropriate treatment. Our doctor and specialist finder can assist you with this, and you can find all the information related to diabetes in our knowledge base.

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Target imagePrediabetes and Insulin Resistance

In the case of these conditions, prevention plays a crucial role, as diabetes can be prevented or even reversed with a healthy lifestyle and careful attention. We assist you in this with the content available on the platform!

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Digital solution for diabetes-related issues in every state of the condition.

The foundation of effective prevention and treatment is proper awareness

Everything you need to know about diabetes and its precursors

We know how challenging it is to find reliable information online, especially on serious topics like diabetes, prediabetes, and insulin resistance. Many online "experts" provide inaccurate, contradictory, and potentially dangerous advice. On our platform, alongside health-supporting and practical features, you can exclusively access trustworthy information curated by our vascular surgeons, doctors, and master specialist partners.

Online Video Courses

Our goal is to provide you video content that helps you understand lifestyle, diabetes prevention, disease management, complications, or wound care topics.

Lifestyle packages

Our lifestyle packages include health-focused weekly meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, as well as physiotherapy, yoga, or functional workout plans.

Doctor and specialist finder

You can easily find doctors and other specialists based on location and expertise in the MEROVA search engine. Working in collaboration with our partners, we strive for the highest quality care!

S.O.S. hotline

The S.O.S. hotline provides email consultations opportunity with MEROVA's medical professionals in cases of severe diagnoses.

Medically certified knowledge base

In MEROVA's free knowledge base, you'll only find articles that have undergone professional review. Whether it's about prevention, preventing complications, or treating existing complications.


Through the logs in your profile, you can record your blood sugar levels, the condition of your wounds with photos, or any other thoughts in text entries. This helps you and your doctor to notice changes in a timely manner!

Vascular consultation

The vascular consultation provides an opportunity for you to directly message our vascular specialist, who will provide expert answers to your questions and help you find the shortest path to resolve your issue.

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From prevention to complication management!

The MEROVA platform's free-access knowledge repository consists of medically authenticated educational materials that offer assistance across the entire spectrum of diabetes. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge about your condition or use carefully crafted diet and exercise plans to manage your health or the disease you are in the right place!

Remember! With the right knowledge, the disease can be managed, complications can be avoided – and in some cases, the condition can even be reversed.

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In 2023, we also became The Patient-Friendly Service Provider of the Year!

In 2023, we earned the title of Patient-Friendly Service Provider of the Year, where we competed with renowned private hospitals through our digital services!

"Throughout the project, we evaluate the patient, client, and customer-centered professional attitude and service design from the perspective of customers/patients."

Medically Verified Knowledge Hub

Editor of our professional materials: Dr. István Rozsos, vascular surgeon.

Dr. István Rozsos, a vascular surgeon, is a specialist in saving limbs endangered by the complications of diabetes and venous circulatory diseases and one of the creators of the MEROVA method. The effectiveness of his work is underpinned by 30 years of clinical experience, and its success is evidenced by the thousands of limbs he has saved.

In addition to his vascular surgery practice, Dr. Rozsos is a dedicated advocate for proper education of diabetes patients, regularly giving continuing education lectures on topics related to venous diseases and diabetic foot care.

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Dr. István Rozsos
Vascular surgeon
In order for a foot care specialist to effectively guide a patient with diabetic foot towards healing, having the appropriate medical background knowledge is essential. That's why we integrate our medical knowledge repository into the platforms used by professionals, ensuring the widest possible application of available expertise.


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Providing assistance to our medical colleagues

The MEROVA medical platform provides our doctor colleagues with detailed insights into the MEROVA method, allowing for the prevention of amputations of limbs in diabetic and venous circulatory disease patients. Our platform offers a step-by-step plan that efficiently aids in establishing more accurate diagnoses, symptom management, and patient education.

Access to the medical interface requires a prior registration code request, which is linked to your identification number.

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