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Lifestyle packages

Our packages include a 21-day meal plan, shopping list, and workout programs! You can choose between a 160-gram carb or allergen-free diet like gluten-free or dairy free or follow the principles of paleo. In addition, we provide workout programs such as physiotherapy, functional training, and dynamic yoga! You decide which one suits you best! The key is to maintain your health, feel better, and stay energized – and we want to assist you in this while making it accessible and affordable for you!

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Knowledge base and product recommendations

On our platform, you can choose from a wealth of professional articles written by our qualified partners, covering topics such as lifestyle, nutrition, health preservation, and diabetes. After conducting the diagnosis, we recommend professional articles and products tailored to your condition to assist you in supporting your health and understanding your condition.

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Community Building with MEROVA

Join our free Facebook community, where our qualified partners regularly answer your questions in a video form on topics such as health, lifestyle, nutrition, diabetes, vascular surgery, exercise, and psychology. Make friends, share your experiences, and ask questions. We welcome you with open arms! The group is available to registered users!

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Get to know our team

Our professional partners

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Dr. István Rozsos
Surgeon and vascular surgeon, diabetes foot specialist

One of the developers of the MEROVA method, founding physician of the Limb Saver application. With 30 years of knowledge and experience, he contributes to our goal of providing appropriate care, education, and guidance to those affected by diabetes.

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Dr. Nóra Galló
Dr. Nóra Galló

She values credibility and ongoing professional development, actively participating in both Hungarian and international training programs and even organizing some. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is her passion, and she strives to impart this mindset to others.

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Réka Rozsos

She assists us in the fields of mental health and patient education. She is also experienced in developing educational methods.

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Boglárka Balogh-Tóth & Dávid Balogh
Founders of FuntionalFit

For over 10 years, they have been involved in various exercise methods, aiming for conscious health improvement, preventive spinal care, and increasing energy levels independently, even in home settings.

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Viktória Gréci

Gréci Viktória, a physiotherapist, has put together a daily physiotherapy routine for us, aiming to improve and restore overall muscle strength as well as venous and lymphatic circulation.

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Anita Abonyi
Yoga instructor

After years in communication, she transitioned to yoga, blending ballet and movement, creating Rhythm & Muse—a fusion of barre, core training, and flow yoga.

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Restaurant Nutritional Value Map

Browse through our partner restaurants where you can find the nutritional value tables for their entire menus on our platform, thanks to our dietitians. This way, you can dine at restaurants with peace of mind, without worrying about your diet.

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